Welcome to Anawangin!!!! This newly discovered cove in Zambales seems to be popular across the year...It's beautiful environment and fine sands make rid all of  your problems and pain... It's like you enter a place with great happiness because for sure you can temporarily forget your problems....

So if you are looking for a great trip....just contact us to these nos. 09108142406(smart) or 09173745447(globe),,, or visit our facebook account for further info; just search Sonny Corpus and surely we will give our best effort to serve and bring you to anawangin safely and comportable

NOTE: There are standard prices regarding boat trip given by our municipality and this is restrictly implemented to all boatmen...   
                        ............since those prices must equally given. we just urge a promise to give you great services.

Services Offered:
Boat trip
Mountain Trekking
Tent renting
....We have a special summer promo this summer regarding boat trip..just contact us for more info

hello...end of vacation na....what are you waiting for bring your family and friends on different coves and islands in pundaquit....try and explore the hidden beauty of this landscapes and vast sea....the famous anawangin cove, the beauty of capones island, the relaxing nagsasa cove and many more....for sure you can enjoy your  vacation and trip here without regrets to your expenses....a toiler deserves a refreshing and relaxing vacation,,,so what are you waiting for...come now

for more inquiries you can contact us on these nos. 09184089207(smart) or 09173745447(globe)...or visit our facebook account for further info by searching SONNY CORPUS